Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor Who outfit sees interest in Crombie coats skyrocket

The Scottish fashion company has seen enquiries about the iconic coat double since the Time Lord’s new look was unveiled

Doctor Who fans are yet to see a full episode starring Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor – but the fashion-conscious Time Lord is already a trend-setter.


The Doctor’s new look caused quite a stir when it was unveiled last week, drawing comparisons with, variously, Jon Pertwee’s third Doctor, Dracula and a magician, while one fashion commentator traced it back to the early skinhead movement.

But whatever its influences, the classy, stripped down new outfit has received a generally positive response – a reaction backed up by interest in one particular item, the Doctor’s new Crombie coat.

Discerning shoppers with £800 to spare flocked to Crombie’s London, Manchester and Edinburgh stores to check out the coats, while those feeling particularly flush enquired about made-to-measure versions featuring the Doctor’s red silk lining, which start at around £1,600.

A spokesperson for the 200-year-old British brand was unable to provide precise sales figures, but did reveal there had been a two-fold increase in enquiries about the item.

“Calls and e-mails to our customer service line were double their usual,” said the spokesperson, “and more than half the queries for our made-to-measure service this week have been for the style of coat worn by Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.”

While the Doctor may be reigniting interest in the Crombie coat, he is far from the first celebrity to make the brand part of his look.

The Beatles were fans back in the 1960s, while Crombie has more recently dressed famous faces including James Bond star Daniel Craig.


Meanwhile, so-called “cos-play” enthusiasts whose budget doesn’t stretch quite as far as the Doctor’s will be busy with a needle and thread ahead of the next Doctor Who convention…