David Beckham plays egg Russian roulette on the Jimmy Fallon show – and loses

The yolk was on Goldenballs after he agreed to an egg-streme challenge on the US talk show

David Beckham may have called time on his football career but you never lose that sporting instinct. So when late night US talk show host Jimmy Fallon challenged Becks to a round of egg Russian roulette, he couldn’t say no.


His honour – and in a very real sense, the reputation of the whole of England – was at stake. Plus, they’d painted the eggs like little footballs. Cute.

So. Eight hard-boiled eggs. Four raw eggs. Two men. One winner. One loser.

Jimmy drew first yolk, with Becks smashing a raw egg on his own perfectly coiffured head. But then the egg pendulum swung the other way. 1-1. Could our David save the game in the closing minutes as he’s done so many times before?


Beckham, his hand already yolk-stained from his first auto-egging, prepares to choose his next weapon…

Just to be clear, this is the face of a man who knows he has picked a raw egg and is about to smash it over his own head…

The yolk’s on you David…

Jimmy can’t contain his pleasure. Like he even tried.

Always an Englishman, Becks is magnanimous in defeat.

Watch the whole sorry affair below…