Borgen star and writer on board for series 4

Sidse Babett Knudsen and creator Adam Smith are both keen to bring the Danish political drama back - but fans could be in for a wait

The actors and writers of Borgen are keen to revive the hit political drama which came to end last year after three series.


However, fans of the show, which tells the story of Danish coalition politics and its impact on the personal lives of parliament’s most high profile figures, could be in for quite a wait.

“I think we should do season four in ten years,” said Sidse Babett Knudsen, who plays Birgitte Nyborg, Denmark’s first female prime minister. “I still think that the life of the former PM, of someone who’s been there but gone off in a completely different direction, is so interesting. I don’t think we’ve exploited that… and I’ll be out of work in ten years.”

Speaking to Radio Times editor Ben Preston on the opening morning of the Nordicana festival, series creator Adam Price confirmed he would relish the chance to write a fourth series.

He also told a packed audience at London’s Old Truman Brewery that an American remake could be in the pipeline.

“BBC Worldwide takes care of the remake rights and HBO currently claims that they want to do it but we don’t know. Los Angeles is the hot air city but they seem to be very keen on doing it.”

Although nothing has been confirmed, details of how the series could be made relevant for an American audience are being discussed.

“Of course it will be very difficult to adapt but I think one of the ideas is to bring it to state level, at least in the first season, because then you also have a multi-party system like we do in Denmark.”

Until then, Price and his team hope that Borgen will continue to inspire the Danes to take an interest in their country’s politics. 

“The Copenhagen Business School recently did a survey of typical Borgen viewers asking them about their political views. People answered a clear ‘no’ to whether their political views had changed since watching the show and a clear ‘yes’ to whether they had become more interested in politics on the whole. That for us is the greatest thing.”