Call the Midwife’s Laura Main: There are difficulties ahead for Shelagh in series three

The actress who plays Poplar's nun turned newlywed on the future for Shelagh and her own hopes for a fourth series of the BBC1 drama

Over the last series of Call the Midwife, Laura Main has transformed on screen from a timid nun to Poplar’s newest newlywed, via the plotline that gripped the nation in series two: the love story dubbed Turnadette. 


Now married to resident medical man Dr Turner, Main’s character Shelagh (formally Sister Bernadette) has well and truly left her religious life behind. 

“In series two when you finally saw her as [Shelagh] I shed a little tear because I was fond of the wimple,” Main told us at the Radio Times Covers Party. “I got quite attached to it.”

“It is funny watching myself as Shelgah,” she continued. “It’s taken a bit of getting used to. No wimple to hide behind!”

Leaving her religious order was not an easy decision to make – we saw the sister silently struggling with her feelings through the second series – but now she’s said ‘I do’, things still aren’t all rosy. They might have coped with a postponed wedding and a brush with polio, but life isn’t set to be simple for the couple any time soon… 

“For Shelagh [series three]’s not straight forward,” said Main. “They haven’t gone into smug married territory and there’s still challenges – quite big, quite serious stuff going on… There’s no doubt that they’ve made the right decision and they’re totally devoted to one another but there is some sort of difficult stuff ahead.”

Difficulties aside, Main is keen to see how Shelagh’s future pans out. Asked whether she’s up for starring in a fourth series of the drama, she replied: “I would be very keen, yes. Not being shy about it!”

“It’s just been a wonderful job and a fantastic experience,” she continued. “I just think the show’s so good so I’m just really proud to be a part of it. If there’s more that’d be great and if they want me then, yes please, I’ll be involved.” 

Watch the interview:

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1.