Sinitta: Simon Cowell would be “terrible” on The Jump

“He wouldn’t put the helmet on as he wouldn’t want to spoil his hair,” Sinitta jokes after leaving the competition last night


Two successful ski jumps unfortunately weren’t enough to keep Sinitta in winter sports contest The Jump, but she jokes that at least she’s better than her pal Simon Cowell would be.


Asked if she’d take him up on the ski jump for a go, Sinitta tells, “I think he’d be terrible at it. He wouldn’t put the helmet on as he wouldn’t want to spoil his hair.”

Cowell did send her a congratulatory text after last night’s show, saying he was “proud” and, in a show filled with medical mishaps, that he was glad she didn’t get hurt.

Sinitta reveals that Cowell also teased her she could teach him a thing or two on the slopes. She admits “he’s brilliant” and she’s pleased she’ll now be able to keep up with him when skiing.

The pop star admits she was “thanking her lucky stars” last night that she didn’t get hurt during the show. Indeed, fellow competitor Melinda Messenger was forced out last night due to concussion.

“The medics were congratulating me,” said Sinitta.

Sinitta was out jumped by TV presenter Anthea Turner who went from the middle jump. Sinitta explains, “I’d not done a bigger jump in training so I wasn’t allowed to do it in the live show.

“I would have liked to have a go… I say that now…”

Does that mean the competition is rather unfair, with the bigger jump seemingly an advantage? Sinitta says it “all works itself out”.

“I thought ‘I’ll never be able to out jump them’, being up against more experienced girls. But in rehearsal Anthea fell and I jumped 11 meters.” 

And while Sinitta says the thought ‘Am I going to break my neck for a ski programme?’ did cross her mind, it hasn’t put her off other reality shows.

“Not at all, quite the opposite. You guys should advertise for me! ‘80s pop star – needs something’.”

The Jump continues tonight at 8:00pm on Channel 4 as the male and female celebrities join to take on each other