Doctor Who series 8 filming gets under way in Newport and Cardiff

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were spotted in Cardiff city centre this week and film crews arrived in Newport


Doctor Who fans watched scenes take place on Cardiff’s Queen Street this week as filming on series eight continued. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman stood outside the Tardis, and near local branches of Next and Burger King.


The Doctor Who film crew has since moved to Newport, on Stow Hill, where a group of actors in Victorian period outfits were congregating for a scene in the early evening.

The cast and crew are rumoured to be a working on a Jack The Ripper murder storyline in Newport, and recreating the chilling streets of Whitechapel in the 19th century.

Earlier in the week, in Cardiff, Coleman was seen acting as assistant Clara Oswald. She made a call on her mobile phone on the high street and the Doctor walked up behind her from the police call box.

An onlooker explained that Coleman was standing under a ‘Manpower’ sign playing Oswald. “Hello?” she said. Then the Doctor asked: “Who is it? Is it the Doctor?”

After sizing him up, Oswald hugged the Doctor, who looked extremely awkward and confused during the embrace.

Capaldi was sporting the dapper dark blue Crombie coat revealed earlier in the week, while Coleman wore a tartan skirt, black tights and a black cardigan.

This is not the first time locations in Cardiff and Newport have been used during filming for the epic sci-fi series. Diverse Records, on Charles Street, was used in 2006; a local Newport listed house was used in The Christmas Invasion episode, filmed in 2005; and Duffryn High School featured in School Reunion – the episode where the school is ruled by an evil head teacher.

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