Chris Chibnall on Broadchurch series 2: “Who says there’s a murderer?”

The creator of the hit ITV drama lets slip a few precious details about what to expect when we revisit Broadchurch...

The secrets of Broadchurch series 2 are being fiercely guarded for the time being, but when found themselves in the same room as writer and creator Chris Chibnall, we thought it prudent to have a go at cracking his tough exterior. Luckily for us, the man in the know wasn’t quite as tight-lipped as we anticipated…


So, what did we find out about Broadchurch’s grand return? Well, by the sound of things it’s certainly a step away from series one:

“The one thing I can promise is we’re not going to start with another dead body on the beach at the start of series two,” said Chibnall. “We’re going to go somewhere different, we’re going to go on a different journey, I hope it’s going to be surprising and interesting. That’s the aim.” 

Good stuff. But then he threw in the mother of all red herrings. While last year’s whodunit, had us pitching endless theories by the watercooler every Tuesday morning, Broadchurch’s return may not even feature a hunt for a killer. “Who says there’s a murderer?” revealed Chibnall. What a tease he is.