Doctor Who’s Colin Baker: I’d change sex to be the first female Doctor

The sixth Doctor says the BBC is “too timid” to give the role to a woman – but adds that the 50th anniversary year has been “fantastic”


Former Doctor Who star Colin Baker says he’s so keen to see a female Doctor on the show that he would be prepared to have a sex change to take on the role.


In a light-hearted aside at the Radio Times Covers Party last night, the sixth Doctor revealed that he very much wants there to be a non-male incarnation of the Time Lord and that he would step into the breach if required.

“There should [be a female Doctor],” he said. “It won’t happen because they are too timid but there should be. First female Doctor? I will have a sex change and do it.

“I am in touch with my feminine side.”

Baker added that the show’s 50th anniversary year had been “fantastic” and that he was excited about the new era under Peter Capaldi.

“Each new actor brings what they bring,” he said, adding that Capaldi did not need advice from other Doctors. “Just do what you want to do and be brave,” said Baker.

The star added that his history on the show ave him added credibility with his four daughters when it was resurrected with Christopher Eccleston in the lead in 2005.

“They were too young to watch it when I was in it,” said Baker. “So [when it was revived] I became more than ‘that tedious old git who tells us what to do’ because the programme everybody was loving was something I had done 20 years earlier.”

Baker said his appearance in the final montage of former Doctors in anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor was memorable because the colourful Doctor costume – which he never liked when he played the role – stood out from the rest.