Fifty Aides of Grey: Apply now to be Christian Grey’s new intern

Apparently there are "available opportunities" at Christian Grey's fictional company Grey Enterprises Holding Inc...


Yes, you read that correctly.


Christian Grey – millionaire, seducer and businessman extraordinaire – is looking for a new assistant…

Universal Studios have launched a new website for Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc, and the “world leader in communication technologies, sustainable energy and intelligent systems development” is now accepting applications for their intern programme.

Can you imagine? A fancy internship, PLUS you’d get to see those silky grey ties up close and personal on a daily basis. What’s not to like?

But don’t get too carried away. Really all you’re doing is joining a mailing list. (We know. We were disappointed too.) But once you’ve entered your details into the system you do get a message thanking you for “your submission”, which is rather exciting…

The Fifty Shades of Grey film, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, is based on the bestselling novels of EL James. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and adapted by Kelly Marcell, the film is set for release in February 2015.