Amy Childs: “I had a mental block on the jump”

Perhaps it's no surprise that the former TOWIE star froze up during the winter sports challenge last night - it was the first time she'd faced the jump


Reality TV star Amy Childs was eliminated from Channel 4’s The Jump last night and says that while she wasn’t scared of falling down, she “just panicked”.


“I couldn’t do it, I really thought that I could. I could have done it, I just couldn’t seem to go,” Amy tells

Even with the prospect of falling, which fellow competitor Darren Gough’s training videos have proved happens a lot, it wasn’t really hurting herself that was on Amy’s mind.

“I’m really ballsy. I’m not scared of falling down. I never liked it. I just had a proper mental block about it,” she explains.

In fact, if Amy had competed in the ‘jump off’ against Sinitta it would have been the first time she’d actually attempted one of the competition jumps.

“I’ve never done a jump that big before. I did the outrun,” Amy reveals, adding, “When I finished it I didn’t like it.”

But having joined the show as a non-skier and approaching tasks like skeleton and giant slalom, Amy says she’s proud of what she’s achieved.

“I tried, I pushed myself. I really tried to do it all. I couldn’t even stand up on skis before. Others can’t believe how much that I’ve changed. Of everyone I think I’ve had the biggest journey.”

Amy wouldn’t be drawn on who she thinks will go on to win the competition, saying “I’m really proud of all of them.” But she’s already got her next challenge lined up:

“I’m going to bring out a ski range. Do a ski shoot… it’d be a amazing.”

Watch this space!

The Jump continues tonight at 8:00pm on Channel 4 as the men take on the skeleton challenge