Call the Midwife series 3 episode 2 predictions: pixie crops, plastic wombs and uniform inspections

A look ahead to the second episode of series three, accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game...

Last week’s Call the Midwife saw the midwives move to a new home, after Nonnatus House was reduced to a pile of rubble.


And while the girls settled into their shiny surroundings, a new face appeared at the door: Sister Winifred, a country bumpkin with lots to learn of poverty stricken Poplar. 

But the move wasn’t all good news. The midwives might have had brand new facilities, but the pregnant mothers of Poplar were none the wiser. A publicity drive was called for and Chummy took up the challenge, even roping in Princess Margaret and a whole lot of bunting to drum up some support.  

In other news, Jenny uncovered a mysterious illness affecting two young brothers, which none of the staff could diagnose. That is, apart from Sister Monica Joan who solved the mystery in spite of her apparent ailing health. 

And after Chummy helped her neighbour through a difficult birth, she realised she wanted to return to work and decided it was time to get her red cardigan out of retirement. 

But what’s going to happen this week? I’ve put on my hand sewn, make do and mend-esque thinking cap and made some spurious suggestions… 

Someone’s looking a bit smug. Got a fancy, frilly new hat, eh Jenny? Rumour has it Jenny’s in line for a promotion this episode. Let’s hope it doesn’t gone to her head like this, er, hat. 

Talking of fancy new head accessories… Trixie’s gone and got herself a modern hairdo. All those glamorous movies, rock ‘n’ roll tracks and Babycham-fueled evenings have clearly inspired a move towards the swinging sixties. Add a flick of eyeliner and you could call her Twiggy. 

Woah! That was quick work. Shelagh wasn’t even pregnant last episode and here she is cradling a newborn. Perhaps the series has unexpectedly jumped forward nine months, or the pair are unprecedentedly fertile and headed for international renown as the subjects of numerous scientific journals.

Or, erm, Shelagh’s stolen a baby from clinic. It might be that one actually. Dr Turner doesn’t look too impressed come to think of it. The steely Doc is sort of steering her away….

Right-oh. Chummy’s back at work and it’s uniform inspection time. They might be fully grown women but an untidy appearance equals a slapdash job. 

Forget Winifred’s Nitty Nora the Scalp Explorer, Shelagh’s clearly forgotten all her concerns about fitting in and is letting her new position go to her head. The buckle should be in the centre, Chummy. The centre, you hear me! 

Meanwhile Cynthia – uniform pristine, as always – is hanging around with a strange looking fellow. 

It seems as though the timid midwife is learning about Mothercraft (Lovely term. Seldom used nowadays. I don’t think. I don’t really know, to be honest) and how to “free mothers from fear”. A skill which would no doubt come in useful in Poplar. 

Useful it may be, but it looks as though the preggers residents of Poplar couldn’t care less. Cynthia’s been stood up by her patients and she’s brought along a plastic womb and everything.

Instead, much to Cynthia’s apparent annoyance, Trixie and Chummy are taking the lull as an opportunity to grab a rest and a bit of a gossip on one of these awfully comfy (and rather stylish) looking cushions. You’ve got to take a break where you can, eh?

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1