Podcast: Call the Midwife, Mr Selfridge, The Musketeers, #GoodbyeHayley, Girls, Sherlock app & NTAs

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What happens when the BBC and ITV face off? You get a Sunday packed with Call The Midwife, The Musketeers and Mr Selfridge. If that’s not enough, Hayley has bowed out of Coronation Street in an episode that had even hardened journalists weeping, the National Television Awards are coming and Sherlock is inviting you on an adventure in his new app.


For most people, this would be too much to take in, but RadioTimes.com writers aren’t most people. Take a breath, grab our hand, and let us guide you through the biggest moments in the last week of TV.

Contributors: David Brown, Tim Glanfield, Jonathan Holmes, Paul Jones, Susanna Lazarus, Ellie Walker-Arnott

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