Downton Abbey stars seen clowning around in US parody

Ellen DeGeneres lightens the mood of the ITV period drama with giant shoes and comedy sound effects

The stars of Downton Abbey have been treated to a comedy makeover, courtesy of US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres.


Series four of the ITV period drama premiered earlier this month in the States, and DeGeneres used the opportunity to poke affectionate fun at its sometimes-serious tone.

“This season, they’re trying to lighten it up by making a change to their wardrobe,” the chat show host teased, before playing a clip featuring characters from the series wearing oversized clown shoes, squeaking their way through dance lessons and flopping down the wedding aisle.

Of course, a Crawley would never don such insensible and horrid footwear, but it’s great fun to imagine the residents of Downton Abbey clowning around their countryside estate.