Coronation Street spoilers: Sophie and Maddie kiss – Amy Kelly interview

"You think Maddie is going to lose it and end up hitting Sophie, but instead she kisses her," says the actress

Homeless Maddie Heath has caused nothing but trouble for the Websters since she made her Corrie debut on Christmas Day. Having stolen Sally’s handbag and then been outwitted by Sophie Webster, Maddie is to make an even bigger impression in an upcoming episode.


After Sophie works out that Maddie broke in to No 4 in order to take back Sally’s watch, the two girls end up rowing. Maddie reveals that she needs money for her little brother, but can Sophie be sure that she’s telling the truth?

Later, Sophie will be left alarmed after Maddie arrives at the shelter sporting a bruised face. But when Sophie offers help, she ends up getting more than she bargained for. Here, actress Amy Kelly reveals how Sophie and Maddie’s relationship will blossom over the coming weeks and why a showdown leads to a shock kiss:

Can you tell us a bit about Maddie’s background and circumstances?
Yes, she’s been kicked out of home by her mum, so she’s homeless. Her mum has a mental illness and Maddie has definite trust issues – she struggles to let people in.

Does she still have contact with her mum?
Occasionally – she tries to send her mum money when she can. So when she makes the deal with Sophie to return Sally’s watch in exchange for 50 pounds, she wants the money to send back to her mum.

How old is she?
She’s 17, so she doesn’t go to school and is a bit of a lone wolf. She doesn’t really have any friends. As soon as people start to care about her she pushes them away. Maddie is suspicious of most people and she’s always wary of their intentions.

What does Maddie think about Sophie after their initial encounters?
Sophie intrigues Maddie. Sophie’s massively determined to get to know her and Maddie can’t get her head around that. She’s never had that much attention before, certainly not positive attention anyway. Maddie doesn’t really know what to do with it. I think Maddie has met her match a little bit. Nobody has ever stood up to her before, so maybe that’s why Sophie’s different.

So does Maddie think it could be the start of something serious with Sophie?
I think so. Maddie will start to feel as though she’s lucky for once. Sophie is adamant she will soften Maddie, and I think Maddie really admires that.

Does she think that Sophie fancies her too?
Initially, she isn’t sure. Maddie’s flirty with Sophie when she starts to think that Sophie might have feelings for her. It’s only when they start to get to know one another and Maddie starts to let Sophie in a little bit that they both realise there could be something bigger between them.

How does Maddie feel when Sophie reneges on the deal involving the stolen watch?
She feels as though she’s well and truly met her match. She’s impressed by Sophie’s cunning and her fearlessness. Maddie’s not used to people taking her on. There’s a power struggle between them and that becomes evident when Sophie tricks Maddie into giving her the watch. Maddie’s developing a soft spot for her at this point.

Tell us about the scene where Maddie attacks Tim…
Well, to get the watch back, she has to break into the Websters, but she gets a shock when she finds Tim on the sofa. Maddie is streetwise enough to know when she has to lash out. I don’t think the fact that it’s a man bothers her at all – Tim certainly didn’t scare her anyway! No matter who it was I think she would have reacted in the same way.

Is she being honest being honest when she says she needs money for her brother?
Yes, completely honest. When you see Maddie with her family you see a different side to her. She can be really soft with her mum and works hard to keep her calm, but she easily flips from that to being harsh and telling Sophie to back off. She cares so much about her little brother. Maddie’s never been this honest with anyone before. She’s not used to letting people into her circle of trust.

Later on, we see Maddie with a bruised face – how does that happen?
She gets a bruised face from her mum, who can get violent. Maddie’s embarrassed by the bruise, especially when Sophie asks about it. I think Maddie sees it as a sign of weakness as it shows she can be vulnerable too.

How does Sophie find out about Maddie’s background?
Sophie gets a job writing for the shelter’s magazine and she accidentally-on-purpose uses the opportunity to do some detective work. She asks Eleanor, who works at the shelter, lots of questions about Maddie’s background. At that point, Sophie’s intrigue grows. Once she knows that Maddie has a family, she realises there’s more to her than meets the eye.

And how does the kiss between them come about?
It’s extremely unexpected. Afterwards, she tells Sophie that she did it because she felt like it, and I think that’s the truth. Just before Maddie kisses Sophie, she’s really angry at her for sticking her nose in and checking up on her background. Maddie confronts Sophie and asks her why she’s poking her nose in.

At that point we think Maddie is going to lose it and end up hitting Sophie, but instead she kisses her. It’s like she’s suddenly channelling her energy in a different way. That’s what’s so great about playing Maddie – you never know which way she’s going to go or how she’s going to react to something.


And how are you getting on at Corrie?
I’m absolutely loving it. It’s such a little family over here. Brooke Vincent has completely taken me under her wing and really looks after me. Sally Dynevor has been so lovely too – she’s been here years and years, so it’s great to have someone with a lot of experience to help me.