Britain’s Got Talent 2014: 5 things we’ve learnt about the new series

Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams are back on the hunt for talent as news of a brand new Golden Buzzer format emerges... and a musical cat


The Britain’s Got Talent 2014 auditions kicked off this weekend, with returning judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden resuming their search for unusual talent.


For the first time ever the show took the auditions to Belfast. Among the singing, dancing and animal acts, here’s what we’ve learned about this year’s show…

The Golden Buzzer

BGT is switching up the format this year, introducing the Golden Buzzer. Unlike those horrid red ones, which the judges hit when they want to see an act kicked out of the competition, this one is an instant pass to the live finals.

Yes, if an act gets the Golden Buzzer they will find themselves in the midst of a glitter-and-musical explosion on the stage, as they are whizzed straight past the second audition and into the live semi-finals. Pretty cool, huh?

And the best bit? Each of the judges can press this once. So place your bets on David Walliams deliberately sending through someone Simon Cowell hates…

The gang are back together

The BGT judges are quite the happy family, aren’t they? The gang posted snaps of themselves hugging, laughing and boarding a plane to Belfast – albeit without Simon Cowell. Or ‘God’, who they said they were waiting for. 

Having formed quite the bromance with Simon last year, Walliams was back to his mischievous best, tweeting messages to the head honcho.

Simon himself posted a picture of two oranges on his desk. Goodness knows why, but all very jovial, eh?

Animal magic

Animal-loving Cowell looks like he’s back on the hunt for a four-legged champion. Following in the fluffy footsteps of 2012’s champ Pudsey the dancing dog, Simon tells Northern Ireland’s UTV: “I don’t think we had enough animals last year.” But it looks like there could be hope yet…

Ant and Dec

The presenting powerhouse that is Ant and Dec was back on BGT duty. And they were most excited to find this little Belfast treat…

But the boys were quickly back to business. Footage captured by a fan in the crowd shows the pair busy mocking Simon for being late, by doing a link that sees them repeatedly open a car door to find someone other than the head judge.

Simon Cowell met… Simon Cowell

You’d think turning up to audition swith the name Simon Cowell would work in your favour – perhaps even get you the Golden Buzzer. But when unemployed former taxi driver Simon Cowell took to the stage, the Mirror reports that original Cowell was having none of it. “I never thought I would say this – Simon Cowell, it’s a no.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV later this year