Marcus Brigstocke on The Jump: “I haven’t asked about the specifics of our insurance coverage…”

“You know Daisy Duke? The same people who insured her legs insured mine,” the comedian jokes as he prepares to take on Channel 4’s The Jump

Comedian Marcus Brigstocke is so eager to take part in Channel 4’s winter sport-reality show The Jump, that he hasn’t worried himself about the small print.


“I haven’t asked about the specifics of what insurance coverage we have. I’ve taken the view someone somewhere will have taken a look at it…” he trails off.

So there are no body parts he particularly wanted to protect?

“Oh, I’m so flattered, such a sweet question. You know Daisy Duke? The same people who insured her legs insured mine,” Brigstocke chuckles.

Fear aside, the comedian admits the thought of being first out of the competition is playing on his mind.

“In a big way. Mostly because I want to do it all. We will do, because we’ll train. But the idea of just messing it up and going out early, I’d be really, really sad,” he admits.

The show will see the 12 celebrities attempt a different winter sports discipline each night, from speed skiing to slalom. Judges will pick their bottom two to face that night’s ski jump – the ‘jump off’ – with the skier who jumps the shortest distance sent packing. And, in Brigstocke’s own words, the first challenge is a “crap shoot”.

“The first event is the skeleton bomb, which none of us has ever done and involves a lot of things – it’s a real crap shoot as a third of us will be in the jump off. So that event feels a bit different from the others.”

Having spent time on the slopes as a ski border, Brigstocke says he’s not scared about going fast, but he’s scared of the jump – “no question”.

“Were there no jump at the end of it, I wouldn’t ski down it. Sitting at the top of it, you get a bit ‘urg’,” he says.

But he’s chuffed about one aspect of the show – it’s not a popularity contest.

“Had there been a public vote I wouldn’t be here. I’m not interested in a popularity contest or filming us in places where we’re bored so we’ll turn on each other, or making us hungry so we’ll turn on each other.

“You do your best and if your best isn’t good enough you get knocked out. It seems very fair. At this stage – I mean never say never – but at this stage I have no interested in a ‘Hey, vote for me guys’.”

The Jump runs for ten nights from Sunday 26 January on Channel 4 and is hosted by Davina McCall and Alex Brooker