Line of Duty 2 was my most harrowing job ever says Keeley Hawes

The actress says the new series of the award winning BBC2 police drama sees her having her head flushed down the toilet, being beaten up, poisoned and waterboarded - but it was all hugely rewarding

Actress Keeley Hawes says her latest role in the second series of BBC2 drama Line of Duty is the most “harrowing” job she’s ever done. 


The Ashes to Ashes and Ambassadors star plays the chief suspect in another case of police corruption, which saw her undergo intense interrogation scenes and moments where she was waterboarded, tortured and even had her head flushed down the toilet.

“It was pretty full on,” she revealed at the screening of the drama last night. “It was the most full on thing I have ever done.

“It was pretty harrowing. It’s not every day you go to work and get you head flushed down the toilet, beaten up, poisoned and waterboarded.”

Her work on the drama also included a 19-page interrogation scene as her character comes under suspicion from the police investigations unit headed up by characters played by Martin Compston, Adrian Dunbar and newcomer Jessica Raine, the Call the Midwife star.

“It’s one of those things where you throw yourself into it,” said Hawes. “You just have to do it.

“It’s like anything – doing a sex scene or a kissing scene you have just go and do it and have a big glass of wine afterwards.”

However Hawes was full of praise for the drama which is already generating excitement ahead of its scheduled broadcast on BBC2 next month, adding that the role was also professional rewarding.

“I really exercised my acting muscles – it was brilliant,” she said.