Jeremy Paxman takes on “smart-arses” Trinity Cambridge on University Challenge

Last night's team enjoyed a bit of cheeky banter with the question master


Last night, University Challenge saw Manchester take on Trinity Cambridge in the first of the quarter-finals. But it was the match between Team Trinity and host Jeremy Paxman that was most entertaining.


Trinity even caused this face:

And how did they do that, you ask? Well, suggesting that one of the questions was obvious seemed to do the trick.

“How did you know that I was going to ask for what period of time?” said a baffled Paxman after team captain Morley had buzzed in, mid-sentence.

“Well what else is it going to be?” quipped Morley, who’d correctly identified Margaret Thatcher as the British Prime Minister who held the position for the longest period of time.

His teammates loved it.

Not to worry, Paxman was ready with a comeback.

“OK, let’s see if you get these bonuses right, they’re on French land borders you smart-arses.”


Then they got one wrong. Yeah, I know right? One wrong! Pah! (Ok, I still had zero at this stage…)

Paxman chuckled, “Not all so easy are they?”

To which Morley casually replied, “Not all of them…”

Trinity went on to beat Manchester with a score of 285 to 205. I went to find my degree certificate to reassure myself I did actually go to university. 

University Challenge continues next Monday at 8:00pm on BBC2