Death in Paradise series 3 – what did you think?

Ben Miller's DI Richard Poole made way for DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) during tonight's episode, but was it a fitting send-off?


Well, that all happened pretty swiftly, didn’t it? After two series playing DI Inspector Richard Poole, Ben Miller’s departure came with shocking haste leaving Kris Marshall to pick up the pieces. 


But while the island’s residents didn’t exactly seem cut up about his death, our favourite fish-out-of-water detective has left some big shoes to fill. So, what did you think about Marshall as bumbling British detective Humphrey Goodman and his efforts to fight crime in the deadly Saint-Marie? And do you think Death in Paradise will survive the demise of its leading man? 

We want to know what YOU think. Yes, you! Are you a die (excuse the pun) hard Ben Miller fan? Is Kris Marshall capable of carrying the show in his absence? Or should he have stuck to BT Broadband?

And what did you make of the manner of DI Poole’s departure? Should he have been afforded a better send-off? Did he deserve a greater share of tonight’s episode? Or was it the right decision to kick off a new series with a new detective? Post your thoughts in the comments box below…