Ben Miller speaks from beyond the grave: “I’ve just been murdered”

The late DI Richard Poole sits down with his replacement Kris Marshall to discuss his grisly end in an exclusive video interview

So that’s it. DI Richard Poole is no more.


Murdered by an ice pick, no less… Killed on the very island that he was drafted in to police. 

But it’s time to dry your eyes. Go on, pop down that tissue. Look to the future, or more specifically Richard Poole’s replacement DI Humphrey Goodman, played by Kris Marshall.

Ben Miller certainly is. In fact, the recently departed star is offering the newbie some wise advice about how to survive on the deadly island of Saint Marie.

“Don’t get murdered,” says Miller, heplfully. “And one of the guests usually did it.” 

When it comes to the future of the Caribbean murder scene, it’s all about DI Goodman. And while it might take a while to get used to the new cop in town, Miller is confident we will: “Death in Paradise is safe in his hands.” 

“All I’d like to say to the fans,” adds Kris Marshall, “is hope you’re enjoying it so far – lots more good stuff to come – and I will do my utmost to fill DI Poole’s illustrious sandy brogues.”

Watch the pair react to DI Richard Poole’s death in this exclusive clip:

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