Coronation Street spoilers: Nick and Leanne split up – Jane Danson interview

"It's failed because the love is just not there in the right way," says the actress


Nick and Leanne reach the end of the road next week after he explains to her that the man she married has gone. Leanne is upset, but Nick forces his wife to admit that they can’t go on as they are. So is this it for the troubled couple? Here, actress Jane Danson reveals why the couple have reached an impasse and Leanne’s feelings now that her marriage has failed…


So, how well do think Leanne’s been coping since Nick’s outburst at Christmas?
She’s putting a brave face on everything. Historically, she’s run away from difficult situations – in the past she’s jumped into a cab and gone to see “our Toyah” or Janice. But this is the one time she hasn’t and it’s because there’s a lot at stake. She’s trying to do the right thing.

How does Leanne feel when Nick tries to show her affection?
There are a couple of moments where they have a bit of a cuddle, but it’s mainly through duty on Leanne’s It’s been a while since they were intimate and when Nick takes it a little step further, it’s more forward than Leanne would like so she makes excuses. She even uses Hayley’s death as one of the reasons why she isn’t feeling up to it. The physical and emotional side of it has gone for her. She simply feels likes Nick’s carer.  

Is she scared of him?
She’s wary. I always maintain that she’s quite streetwise – she was a prostitute after all! But with this she’s not sure what mood he’s going to be in – she can walk through the door and he’s happy-go-lucky, but on the same day he can go into a vile mood and snap at her.

So how does he respond when she rejects him?
Well, he is almost doing what she’s doing – he’s making the best of a bad situation. And ultimately he’s the one who puts his hands up and says “you know what?We have got to split up”. Leanne knows it is the right decision, but she desperately doesn’t want the marriage to fail. She has tried so hard and doesn’t want to walk away again.

Can this current situation be traced back to Christmas 2012?
Yes, she knows that none of this would have happened if she hadn’t gone round to Peter’s and said she would cancel the wedding. So when she looks really deep into herself, she can see that the reason for all this is her error of judgement. She can’t be held responsible for what David did but she has to take some blame.

Tell us what happens when Nick overdoes it at training?
He falls and cuts himself and she fusses a little bit. But he then explodes and tells her to leave him alone. The thing is, he waves his hands around a lot when he gets angry and she’s really wary of him. She isn’t sure where she stands or how to behave around him.


In the end, though, it’s Nick who says they should end it. They sit down and talk about it – there’s no shouting and they are both just resigned to it, really. They do love each other, so it’s really sad. She did sit by his bedside, she was there for him and despite all the bad things she’s done in the past this was the one thing that she really tried at. But it has failed again because the love is just not there in the right way.