Gabby Logan: I’d like to see the Beckhams go head to head on Splash!

The Splash! host talks live sport on TV, loving Gogglebox and censoring the radio


What’s your guilty pleasure?


Gogglebox. It shouldn’t work at all but somehow it’s very entertaining and completely compulsive. I’m just dreading them watching something I’m involved with!

What makes you blush?

As a kid I felt awkward watching romantic scenes with my parents. The boot is on the other foot now and I censor things. Radio especially. There are times I’ve had to explain sex crimes against children while dropping my son off at school because of a story on the news; it’s been quite a challenge to do it in the right way.

What do you watch with your eight-year-old twins?

I’ll try and put a film on that I like as well. My husband [ex-Scottish rugby player Kenny Logan] and I found Ghostbusters on Netflix. At the start they [Lois and Reuben] were a bit sceptical but by the end they adored it, despite the gunge looking ridiculously out-of-date.

What did you tune into as a kid?

I was an international gymnast so I spent 20 hours a week training. I was always trying to find my sport on TV – virtually impossible. I loved Trans World Sport, which covered sport from an esoteric angle, and Grandstand.

Who was your pin-up as a teenager?

I wasn’t allowed posters; my mum was strict. I am too: my kids have corkboards in their bedroom so they don’t damage the walls. When I was 12 I got into Wham! but I liked Andrew Ridgeley, not George Michael. My friends couldn’t understand it. I fell for his floppy hair and skinny legs. 

With you being Welsh and your husband Scottish, will there be tensions during the Six Nations and Commonwealth Games?

No, although last year I tried to tempt the kids to the winning side of the sofa, but they’re absolutely resolute that they’re Scottish, even though they were born in England.

What’s the last thing that brought a tear to your eye?

Sports Personality of the Year. I got to see all the videos in advance so by the time it came to the show, I was able to compose myself, but when I first saw them I was in bits.

Why did you join Splash!?

It was a chance to do something totally off the wall. It’s got a lot of heart, doesn’t take itself seriously and is very kitsch, which I like.

Will we ever see you diving?

No! Last year they were trying to persuade me to dive in the last show. My argument is that Ant and Dec don’t eat witchetty grubs and Tess and Bruce don’t do the waltz, so Vernon Kay and I don’t need to do any diving. What I would like to see is the Beckhams go head to head. And Boris Johnson.

Why the move to Saturday-night TV?

I started in light entertainment – breakfast shows on local radio – but I got entrenched in sport for quite a few years.

If you were controller for a day…

It would be nice to see more live football on the BBC, which we will do next year because of the FA Cup.

What’s still on your to do list?

Tons! I’m only 40. You need to keep challenging yourself, don’t you? At the moment I really miss radio.

Gabby Logan co-hosts Splash! on Saturday at 7:00pm on ITV