Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

13-17 January: Heath has a run-in with his former teacher Ms Montgomery, while April and Dex's engagement has a bumpy start

Monday 13 January


Dex’s premature Facebook announcement that he and April are to be married leads to their first argument as an engaged couple. In hospital Josh is recovering slowly, but Nate has to calm him down after he learns that Brad asked Ricky to look after him. Spencer does not believe Oscar when he tries to convey Evelyn’s warning about Murray. Freya, one of the cult members, warns Evelyn not to go on the Discovery Weekend. 

Tuesday 14 January

With Brax incommunicado, the Braxton brothers must decide without him whether or not to reopen Angelo’s. Evelyn is dismayed when Spencer turns up at Sanctuary Lodge and is invited to attend the Discovery Weekend. Zac asks Leah’s advice about Oscar. Bianca is asked to take on students from Mangrove River High, which has burned down. 

Wednesday 15 January

Tamara organises a surprise for Casey. Heath is horrified to find that the Mangrove River principal is Ms Montgomery, the teacher responsible for his sojourn in juvenile detention. When she tries to gain priority over Bianca, it is clear that this is not going to be a happy merger. Jett is heartbroken when Nina unexpectedly breaks up with him. Robyn devises a plan to win back Chris, but Kyle sees straight through her lies. 

Thursday 16 January

Roo tries to end Maddy’s relationship with Josh when she learns that the police have CCTV footage of the teens near Mangrove River High just before the fire. Indi confronts Robyn about her lies, but Chris apologises for not being straight with her. Jett gets good advice from Indi to help him deal with his break-up with Nina, but will John take Jett’s advice and tell Marilyn how he feels about her? 

Friday 17 January


Roo receives devastating news about Harvey. As they rally round to support Roo, John and Marilyn decide that this is no time to advertise their plans for a first date as a couple. Maddy visits the hospital, but where is Josh? Heath asks Dex for tutoring, determined to prove Ms Montgomery wrong. Over dinner, in an attempt to find common ground with the Mangrove River principal, Bianca challenges her treatment of her students.