Kylie’s favourite YouTube video

The Voice coach reveals that she, and Ricky Wilson relax during filming by watching Tom Jones strut his stuff

Apparently, filming The Voice can drag on a little bit.


At the press launch, coach joked that shooting the swivel chair audition round lasted “for ever” (when in fact it lasted just four days).

So clearly there is only so much singing, emoting and competing with fellow judges that he and his fellow coaches – Kylie Minogue, Sir Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson – could take without some much needed downtime.

And according to Kylie it took the form of sitting in front of their computers, typing the words “Tom Jones Crazy Dance” into YouTube and having a laugh at the results.

So we followed suit and its safe to say that what we found was spectacular. A youthful Tom showing what he can do, and sending the ladies delirious. Just like he does now, of course.