Want to dress like Lady Mary? That’ll set you back £28,483…

Dressing like a character from Downton Abbey might seem like a good idea, but those upper-class hats, coats and dinner suits don't come cheap

Fancy decking yourself out in jewels, draping yourself in silk shawls and swanning around your detached semi in a beaded evening gown? Of course you do. And who could blame you.


But before you throw caution to the wind and go all Downton Abbey, we have some words of warning: Living like a Crawley isn’t cheap.

That’s obvious, you say? They live in an enormous country manor, employ a vast number of staff and only drink the finest beverages out of the finest crystal cut glasses.

Well, forget all that, you’d be surprised how much damage just dressing like one of the family would do to your bank account… A colossal £28,483 to be precise, according to netvouchercodes.co.uk.

Not such an attractive prospect anymore, is it?