The Voice UK 2014: Meet – ‘I can’t fight Kylie, I just want to snuggle with her!’

Will is back - he may not be fresh but he's bound to be dope as he takes a third spin in the chairs alongside two new coaches is back for a third series of The Voice UK and he’s sure to have come up with a few more catchphrases for this series. He is one of the founding members of The Black Eyed Peas, has seven Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, sent his music to Mars…. Basically, he’s dope. Here’s why Will has come back for more…


On returning to The Voice:

“It feels pretty cool. The singers are great.”

On the new judges:

“Kylie is amazing. Ricky is cool. Kylie is a great coach, not just for the girls but also for all the dudes who want to be a pop star. We didn’t have someone who has the stripes and badges for ‘I know how to get to pop status and keep pop status’. And so Kylie is definitely the queen of that. Ricky is for all the rebels in the audience who want to know how to start from nothing and build something on their own.”

On Tom Jones:

“Tom is a legend. He is there for what it takes to be a legend.”

On his team:

“There are some people on my team and some people on other teams that I would like to kidnap! It was tough deciding who stays and who goes. It was kind of hard saying goodbye.”

On guiding his team:

“I tell them ‘If you have a job at Tesco and you are singing a constant gig every Friday at a pub, would you be happy?’. And if they say no, I tell them they don’t love music. This is because if you have a constant gig every Friday and you are good, it will turn into every day. Every day will turn into 50, 500, 5000, then 50,000 people. You will grow.”

On banter between the judges:

“It has been more caring. This time Kylie is like a mediator. She is just too snuggable. I want to cuddle her. I can’t go tit for tat with her. I am more likely to say ‘Let me just give you the singer then’. I am not going to fight for it, as I just want to snuggle with her!” 

The Voice starts Saturday 11 January at 7:00pm on BBC1