The Voice UK 2014: Meet Sir Tom Jones – ‘I would choose myself!’

Three series in, being a coach on The Voice UK is not unusual for Sir Tom, and he’s right at home with the new judges too

Does Sir Tom Jones need an introduction? Oh go on then. He has sold more than 100 million records, has a Brit Award, is in the US Songwriters Hall of Fame and has a Silver Clef Award for Lifetime Achievement. He’s sung nearly every form of popular music and is ready to help someone else on the route to success. Meet Tom…


On returning to The Voice:

“It’s great. The blind auditions were really good.

“I am helping and hopefully discovering people. I am giving them a chance. I wish The Voice was around when I started out. But I did it on my own anyway, the way many still do.”

On the new judges:

“I have known Kylie for a long time, as I have Ricky. It’s been fun to do it with people I know rather than ones I didn’t.”

On missing Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue:

“It’s familiarity. We did two series together and all of a sudden, they are not there. But it is not like strangers have come in. Kylie and Ricky are friends of mine anyway.”

On those spinning chairs:

“Doing The Voice is not something you can prepare for, especially with the blind auditions. You have to go with instinct and press the button when you think you hear something special. But it’s a very short performance and decisions have to be quick, so it’s tough.”

On being a coach:

“The more you do it the easier it gets. Am I more relaxed this time? Yes, definitely, but you still have to learn to say no in a way that doesn’t hurt or deflate a contestant.”

On winning:

“I have no idea. You can’t tell as it is still early days.”

On which coach he would choose:

“I would choose myself!”

On advising his team:

“Find yourself as a singer first, rather than say you are ‘going to sing like so and so’. Some people are still finding themselves. You have to get the voice you want right so you can present it to the world – otherwise you are going to have problems.”

On duetting with Kylie again:

“It all depends on the material. You have to develop and know what the song or the concept or the idea is. There is a lot more involved than just thinking ‘I would like to sing with so and so’.”

Will you ever retire?

“No! Every day I do think how lucky I am. It’s important. I never take anything for granted. You are only as good as you are. You are not as good as you were or what you might become.” 

The Voice starts Saturday 11 January at 7:00pm on BBC1