Coronation Street: why Tina and Peter’s affair just doesn’t work

David Brown despairs of Weatherfield's latest extra-marital romance

Peter Barlow is no stranger to infidelity. He’s a man who changes his girlfriends more often than the rest of us change our underwear and once even had two wives on the go at the same time. But serial cheater Peter’s latest torrid affair with barmaid Tina McIntyre has fallen flat. Viewers aren’t convinced – and quite rightly so. After all, it’s the most ludicrous pairing since Deirdre had her Christmas Day bunk-up with Dev in 2001. So why have Peter and Tina fizzled rather than sizzled?


One problem is that, despite barely exchanging either a nod or a smile for the past half-decade, they suddenly can’t keep their hands off each other. One moment they were sharing the odd pleasantry on the steps of the knicker factory, the next he was having his wicked way with her on his living room sofa. Extra-marital affairs have energised many a Corrie plotline, but usually they come about as a result of obvious chemistry, stolen glances and barely suppressed passion. All of the above has been lacking in the tepid saga of Tina and Peter.

The main issue though is that the whole business feels like an obvious set-up for Michelle Keegan’s 2014 exit. The actress confirmed back in November that Tina would be killed off in a whodunit plot, so the scriptwriters now seem to be in the process of offering up as many suspects as possible.

We’ve already seen Tina chuck a brick through Tracy’s shop window and scrap on the street with Kylie Platt. No doubt the affair with Peter will come to light in the coming months, with Tina making an enemy of him, Carla and probably even Simon in the process. You have to wonder who else Tina is going to annoy in an out-of-character fashion before she meets her maker – will she defraud Rita of her millions, take back Jake Windass and steal Roy Cropper’s shopping bag?

And just remember that this is the formerly lovely Tina were talking about: the woman who fell for sweet window-cleaner Graeme and cried buckets when her dad’s fake suicide bid ended with him inadvertently killing himself. Keegan herself has previously said that she doesn’t want to exit as a villain, but Tina is currently acting like the stock victim in Murder, She Wrote who incenses everyone before being bumped off.


This coming week, viewers will see Tina express anguish over her actions and make a move to quit Weatherfield. But it’s too little too late. She’s risked it all for a man she hardly knows after being saddled with a mechanical and credulity-stretching storyline. The sooner this far-fetched affair ends the better.