Coronation Street spoilers: Dev set for romance with Stella? Jimmi Harkishin interview

The actor reveals what happens after Stella pays the corner shop king a timely compliment

Is Dev about to reinvigorate his love life with former Rovers landlady Stella Price (Michelle Collins)? It certainly looks that way after Stella compliments the corner-shop maestro on how trim he’s looking since he started his fitness regime. Pretty soon, Dev is asking Stella to accompany him to a retailers’ ball, but will she throw caution to the wind? Actor Jimmi Harkishin offers up more details…


So when does Stella first begin to catch Dev’s eye?
Dev has always found Stella attractive but he’s never been in a situation before where he’s wanted to do anything about it. In a way, they’ve got a lot in common because of what happened between Sunita and Karl. So they can both sympathise with each other.

How does it make Dev feel when Stella compliments his appearance?
He’s over the moon and really flattered that she thinks he looks trim. It makes him want to work harder to get in shape and it’s because of Stella that he decides to restart his training.

So, tell us about the scenes where Dev asks Stella to accompany him to the retailers’ ball?
Dev finds her attractive and he has more confidence in himself now he’s feeling more in shape. He plucks up the courage to ask her and is really embarrassed when she turns him down. His confidence is knocked quite a bit at this point. But they do end up going and they get on really well and have a wonderful time. Dev’s really pleased and thinks Stella might like him but I reckon she just sees him as a friend.

After everything Stella and Dev went through with Karl, do you think they’d be good for each other?
Dev would like to think so and I do think they have a bond because of Sunita and Karl. I’m not sure though whether that’s a good basis for a relationship.

We know that Michelle Collins is leaving at some point – do you think Dev could stand to have his dreams shattered again?
He’s not had the best time recently when it comes to relationships and Sunita’s death hit him hard. I don’t think he could stand to have his heart broken again.

Of course Stella isn’t the only woman in Dev’s life – there’s also his friendship with Mary. Are you surprised by how well that’s been received?
Yes and it’s great. Mary is such a wonderful and rare character and it’s great to work with Patti Clare.

What are you making of Dev’s training sessions with fitness guru Kal?
Dev just wants to be fit and wants to be able to run around with his kids without feeling out of breath and it really makes him want to carry on when Stella tells him he’s looking trim. He and Kal have bonded because they’ve both lost their partners and I think Dev likes the way Kal works. He can see that he’d be a good friend.


And what is it about Coronation Street that has kept you with the show for so long?
It’s such a great place to work. The cast and the crew are fantastic, like a family. I think Coronation Street has really stayed true to its roots and that’s what makes us special.