Coronation Street spoilers: Charlie Condou reveals all about Marcus Dent and Todd Grimshaw’s lust

"Marcus knows Todd's bad for him but he can’t keep away," says the actor

Scheming Todd Grimshaw looks set to cause more trouble in the coming weeks when he tries to break up Marcus and Maria’s relationship. In scenes to be shown on Monday 13 January, Todd will strip off after receiving a birthday gift of a shirt from Sean. After winking at Marcus, Todd will later corner the object of his affection and make it clear that he fancies him. But will Marcus be able to resist his charms? Actor Charlie Condou tells us more:


So, does Marcus fancy Todd?
Well, Todd’s a good-looking man and he’s very flirtatious and Marcus can’t help but be attracted to him. But he’s very wary and suspicious of him too. Initially, he’s very happy with Maria and doesn’t think too much about it, but he does fancy Todd.

Do you think Marcus has ever been tempted to cheat on Maria with a guy?
No, I don’t think he has. He’s not stopped finding other men attractive, but he’s been very happy with Maria and has never been tempted by anyone until now. In a way, his feelings for Todd take him by surprise. If Todd had just left him alone, then nothing would have happened. But he really sets out to get Marcus – Todd is very forceful and keeps chipping away and it starts to become very difficult.

And how does Marcus feel when Todd strips off, flirts with him and makes it clear he really fancies him?
Really uncomfortable. Todd takes his top off and he’s in very good shape and Marcus can’t help but notice and be a bit turned on by him. But it also upsets him a lot because he’s starting to have feelings for someone else. 

What exactly does Todd say to him?
Todd knows that stripping off in the Bistro has had an effect on Marcus. He follows him outside and tells him he stripped off for his benefit and asks if he liked what he saw. Todd’s very flirtatious and really comes onto Marcus, who’s clearly uncomfortable with it. Todd leans in for a kiss at which point Eileen interrupts them. So it’s hard to know if Marcus would have responded to the kiss or not. It’s difficult when lust takes over and you’re in the moment.

What happens when Eileen catches them together?
She gets very angry and immediately wants to know what’s been going on. Marcus tells Eileen that Todd tried it on with him and Todd does confess that it was he coming on to Marcus and not the other way round. Todd’s very good at being manipulative and he knows what he’s doing at this point.

And is Marcus worried that word will get back to Maria?
Yes, he’s really worried. He gets concerned that Eileen’s going to spill the beans and ruin it all.

So is Todd just a moment of madness or is Marcus now more conflicted?
He’s much more conflicted. There’s something about Todd that draws Marcus to him. He knows he’s bad for him but he can’t keep away. He’s determined to make it work with Maria, but the seed’s been planted.

Would he love to get intimate with Todd?
He would but he’s trying to put those thoughts out of his head at the moment.


Do you think Todd could break up Marcus and Maria?
He definitely could. He’s certainly going to cause big problems for them in the future because Todd’s like a dog with a bone and when he wants something he won’t let go. He knows what he wants and he’s going to get it.