Coronation Street spoilers: Simon Gregson on Steve and Michelle’s pregnancy shock

The actor reveals that the unexpected news leads to Michelle suggesting that her boyfriend gets a vasectomy

Steve McDonald is in for a surprise in the coming weeks when girlfriend Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) tells him that she thinks she’s pregnant.


“He’s very excited because he’s wanted another kid for ages,” says Simon Gregson, who plays Steve. “He wanted one with Becky, he wanted one with Karen, he got one thanks to a one-night stand with his arch-enemy, but he’s desperate to have a kid with someone he loves.”

The trouble is that Michelle isn’t exactly happy with the prospect of another child on the scene – and it isn’t long before she’s putting plans in motion to make sure that this kind of thing never happens again.

“Michelle suggests he has a vasectomy, but Steve is thinking that there’s no way he’s doing that. It’s going to hurt and he also doesn’t like the thought of not being able to have kids again. But Michelle then tells him that there’s not going to be any sex until he’s had the op.

“Steve’s not a happy bunny about that but he decides to turn the tables and tells her he’s not having sex with her either. It doesn’t have the same effect on Michelle though – she couldn’t really care.”

In the wake of the stand-off with Michelle, Steve decides to seek advice from study buddy Andrea (Hayley Tamaddon), who is quick to side with her classmate. “Steve wants another woman’s point of view and opinion. Andrea tells him that she thinks it’s unfair and that Michelle shouldn’t be putting him in that position,” says Gregson. “Steve, though, is blissfully unaware of Andrea’s ulterior motive. It’s only that he finds out she does fancy him.”


So does Steve really have no clue as to Andrea’s intentions? “Absolutely no clue! Everyone else can see it but Steve has no clue – he just thinks she sees him as a friend.  But I think we can expect to see a couple of twists and turns as far as Steve’s friendship with Andrea is concerned.”