Review of the Year: August 2013

A new Doctor, more Sherlock series three filming and straight-to-television hit Sharknado - what more could you want from one month of television news?


August was the month that saw Janet Street-Porter take on Celebrity MasterChef. It was the month that an Inbetweeners movie sequel was confirmed and it was the month that we got the first Sherlock series three trailer.


It’s like I’m forgetting something. I feel like Kevin’s mum on the plane in Home Alone. I’ve turned the coffee machine off, I checked I locked the front door, I definitely haven’t left a son in the attic and gone on holiday…

Wait a second! This was the month that the brand new Doctor was revealed.

Yes, after months of wondering who on earth it was going to be, hints that it could be a woman, hints it could be, well, pretty much every actor on the planet, we found out it was The Thick of It star Peter Capaldi.

The who-will-replace-Matt-Smith reveal show was seemingly longer than Steven Moffat’s decision process as he revealed: “Yes. The list went ‘Peter Capaldi’. It was a very short list.”

But wasn’t it fun?! Almost Seven million people watched it and our very own Susanna Lazarus was in the crowd for the big moment. Twitter basically melted as everyone responded and Capaldi himself did a little video to say hello

Away from Doctor Who, the other big news was of course that Louis Walsh was quitting the X Factor. I started pondering who might replace him, although he has since seemed a bit confused himself as to whether he is going to leave. Watch this space as they say.

Then of course straight-to-TV film history was made as Sharknado hit our screens. It shouldn’t have worked, but it totally, totally did. Star Tara Reid told us why she’d joined the “absurd” sharks flying out of tornados flick as she laughed her way to the bank. We have five very convincing reasons to watch, it you need more convincing than that it’s a film about sharks killing people in mid-air.

We also met the new Mr Darcy in the form of The Americans Matthew Rhys and Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston hinted at a future in a Lord of the Rings-esque trilogy.

Then, hold the front page, Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman went and got himself a beard (well, I say got, he grew it. It’s not a stick on.) and it was all anybody could talk about.

Well, until The Great British Bake Off returned to BBC2. Then all I could talk about was Howard and why I was on Team Howard, why Howard was the best, why Howard was going to win… and then, er, Howard was voted out. But still, we got to talk about soggy bottoms and prodding dough and all sorts of other rather rude sounding baking things.

It wasn’t long before a Homeland series three trailer came along and a whole host of new information about Downton Abbey series four – including hints of new love interests for Lady Mary.

Celebrity Big Brother came and went, Strictly Come Dancing line-up rumours started to surface and I got to spend a fabulous afternoon in the company of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (ie. I stood with everyone else watching them film series 3 on London’s North Gower street).

And to round off this summer month, some clever chap created a video of Breaking Bad’s Walter White singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way. Splendid.