13 celebrities you should follow on Twitter

Fill your timeline with this batch of animal photo-posting, joke-making, news-spreading celebrity tweeters for more fun than you can shake 140 characters at

If your Twitter timeline is full of people moaning about public transport, sharing snaps of their lunch or tweeting about the weather, give it a makeover with these plucky celebrities.


They know that every character counts. That every tweet can lift your day just that little bit. From actors to comedians, music moguls to presenters, get following these thirteen celebrities (to celebrate the end of 2013… you see what we did there, eh?)

Ricky Gervais: @rickygervais

Mr Gervais sure knows how to work a ‘selfie’ with various bubble-tastic bath shots. Follow the Derek star and this is the type of golden shot you’re going to get… 

Simon Cowell: @SimonCowell

Because even when he’s not on the UK X Factor panel, music mogul Simon still bullies Louis Walsh. He also posts more than his fair share of pictures of his dogs Squiddly and Diddly. What’s not to love?

Minnie Driver: @driverminnie

Want a sneak peek into the world of celebrity? Actress Minnie Driver will take you there. 

Zach Braff: @zachbraff

Even former Scrubs star Zach knows he’s a good person to follow on Twitter. He’s even got a quote. That’s made up. But still. 

Bill Murray: @BillMurray

Who you gonna follow? Mr Murray cuts to the important issues.

Steve Carell: @SteveCarell

Steve knows the internet can be a maze. Who to follow, what to do, what to buy… the possibilities are endless. As such, just follow Anchorman’s Steve. Decision made. 

Ellen DeGeneres: @TheEllenShow

We didn’t ask, but we’re glad the show host told us.

Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehall

Well, who wouldn’t want to follow a fan?

zooeydeschanel: @zooeyDeschanel

Zooey knows what social media is all about. Dogs. Pictures of dogs. Tweets about dogs. More pictures of dogs. This New Girl has got it.

Stephen Mangan: @StephenMangan

Stephen doesn’t even need all 140 characters.

Alexander Armstrong: @XanderArmstrong

Some of life’s little Pointless problems just need to be shared. 

Amanda Abbington: @CHIMPSINSOCKS

Sometimes you just need someone else to tell you and that person is Sherlock’s latest addition.

Simon Pegg: @simonpegg

As if getting Benedict Cumberbatch to put neutron cream on his face during Star Trek filming wasn’t enough

Who else do you think is a celebrity Twitter champ? Let us know in the comments below…