Radio Times radio quiz of the year 2013

From Nick Clegg and Boris Johnson to surprising chart entries - can you ace our radio quiz for 2013? Try your hand at the ten questions below from PM host Eddie Mair...


1. What was Robert Peston’s old job and what’s his new one?


2. Which famous sports presenter gave up her Sunday mornings this year to greet listeners on BBC Radio 2?

3. Two phone-ins on a London station made headlines because they were hosted by Nick Clegg and Boris Johnson. Name the station.

4. Former Radio 4 newsreader Charlotte Green got two new jobs this year. Name them. 

5. Which company announced it would no longer sponsor the Radio Academy Awards, after more than 30 years?

6. David Jacobs died in September, weeks after hosting his final show on BBC Radio 2. What was it called?

7. Unesco designated which day World Radio Day?

8. Whose death cause Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead to get into Radio 1’s chart?

9. Which programme got into trouble for inviting dedications from listeners despite being pre-recorded?

10. After Today, what is the most listened-to news and current affairs programme on Radio 4?




Picture: Michael Bunsen via Wikicommons