Coronation Street spoilers: Chris Gascoyne on Tina and Peter’s steamy new scenes

"Peter has no choice but to admit to her that he madly desires her. Tina finds that hard to resist. They both struggle to control themselves"

Peter and Tina’s passion is set to erupt in the coming weeks as the pair prove unable to resist their feelings for each other any longer. But are they about to be caught in the act by an unsuspecting Roy? Actor Chris Gascoyne reveals what’s in store for the clandestine lovers over a racy festive season:


So, does Peter have any regrets about marrying Carla? 
I wouldn’t say he has regrets. She’s the love of his life and he always intended to go through with it. If anything, he’s just relieved the wedding is over. Carla had become quite obsessed by the planning of it all. Even though it was Peter she was marrying, he was almost jealous of the attention Carla was paying to it!

What are his feelings for Tina? Marriage hasn’t exactly stopped him wanting to pursue her… 
While Carla was busy planning the wedding, Peter took his eye off the prize and had his head turned by someone he felt was more understanding of him at that time. The problem with Peter is temptation. He can never resist and he just couldn’t help himself when Tina was giving him so much attention before the wedding.

But since marrying Carla, Peter has been making an effort to end things with Tina. He tells her they need to quit while they are ahead. Whether he means it or not is another question – as far as he’s concerned, he’s technically doing the right thing by ‘trying’ to end it. He tells Tina it might be best if she stops minding Simon, but then he can’t help but get jealous when he hears something’s been going on with her and Rob. He’s extremely confused.

How does he feel about Rob’s kiss with Tina?
He’s insanely jealous about it, but at first he tries to make out that it’s because he’s looking out for Tracy. But when he sees Tina getting out of a car with Rob he ends up losing it. If Peter feels like something or someone he desires is slipping away from him, he doesn’t like it.

So has Rob worked out that Peter fancies Tina then? Is it this that makes Peter attack Rob?
Peter has a go at Rob, but tries to do so in a way that sounds as if he’s just looking out for Tracy. So when Rob nearly blows Peter’s cover by mocking him for fancying the babysitter, Peter completely sees red.

Ironically, Rob doesn’t actually think Peter fancies Tina. He’s just winding Peter up because he’s created such an issue about Rob kissing her. Peter has to back pedal quite a bit after that. Tracy, Carla and Tina all demand to know what’s got into him.

So when Tina storms round to the flat to ask him what he’s playing at, how does Peter react?
At that point, Peter has no choice but to admit to her that he’s incredibly jealous of her and Rob and confesses that he madly desires her. Tina finds that hard to resist. They both struggle to control themselves.

We then get one of those classic soap moments when Peter hears someone coming up to the flat – tell us how he reacts that happens? 
They have to think very quickly. Luckily Peter’s used to thinking on his feet and covering his tracks [laughs]. In the end it turns out to be Roy, who has left a bag in their flat. Tina hides in the bedroom while Peter bundles Roy back out of the door. It’s Tina that struggles with that – she’s not used to being in this situation, while Peter is much calmer about it then she is. He has more experience and he’s no stranger to being unfaithful!

Does Peter want a full-blown affair with Tina, or does he think a quick fling will get her out of his system? 
When he tells Tina that he loves Carla and that he wants to forget about the kiss they had, he does means it to an extent. He has no intention of leaving Carla. He loves his wife, although he does desire Tina. The worst thing that could happen would be for Carla to detect.

So is he considering Tina’s feelings in this at all?
At the very beginning, Peter warns Tina off him. He says to her directly that if she gets involved with him she’ll be on a journey to hell and back. Once he’s married Carla, he does tell Tina that he loves Carla and won’t leave her. I think he does that to spare Tina’s feelings – he can probably tell she’s falling for him a little bit.

In Peter’s mind, as long as he’s warned Tina about how dangerous it could all get, then he’s done all he can to protect her. It’s up to her then if she wants to continue what they’ve got. He definitely doesn’t take advantage of her in that way.

Is it fair to say Peter likes to live dangerously? Does he need constant thrills? 
Peter repeats all the same patterns and all the same mistakes over and over again. It’s almost as if he can’t handle things going well for him. He and Carla have had such a struggle to be together, and now they’ve finally got married he’s putting their relationship in jeopardy. He’s got an addictive personality and if temptation comes into his sight he can’t resist it.

And yet both his career and marriage would be over if Carla found out…
Yes, I think that’s why he tells Tina they need to stop what they are doing and states to her that he loves Carla, not her. But when he starts to see Tina as being unattainable and when she kisses Rob, that makes him want her all over again. He can’t help himself. I doubt Peter will get away with it forever though. I’ve no doubt there’ll be catastrophe on the horizon!

How does Peter feel when Tina says she can’t be around him and she’s moving away? 
He really panics. Deep down he probably thought that something would happen between them again, despite him telling her it had to stop. He never thought she’d up and leave. He might say he doesn’t want her, but he does – and when he starts to feel as though he could lose her, he wants her even more.


If it came to it, would he choose Tina or Carla? 
Tina’s already tried to push for that. Just before the wedding she told him he didn’t have to go through with it – but he did. Carla’s his wife butTina’s his temptation. If it came down to it, Peter would know which side his bread was buttered.