Review of the Year: March 2013

In the month that Benedict Cumberbatch talked about how tight his Star Trek costume was, it’s lucky the internet didn’t melt - we could discuss Broadchurch, that Mila Kunis interview and Matt Smith’s response to the 50th anniversary Doctor Who script

March was a month packed with the goings on of some of the biggest players in entertainment. So big even Benedict Cumberbatch and James McAvoy found themselves starstruck on the set of Neverwhere. Yes, even among the famous there are the famous famous.


It makes us little people feel better to learn that when we laugh uncontrollably, drop our phones, fall over and generally babble in front of celebrities that they do it, too.

Talking of making a fool of oneself in front a celebrity, Radio 1 pulled off what’s probably the greatest celebrity interview of the whole year when one of their reporters got rather flustered around Oz: The Great and Powerful star Mila Kunis. He invited her to Nandos. Yes, Nandos and quite rightly became an internet sensation for his efforts.

Cinema posters went all dramatic as glimpses of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games: Catching Fire were released. Meanwhile, Hangover III went all Harry Potter on us with its It All Ends posters.

Of course one of the biggest cinema scoops was Benedict Cumberbatch starring as Khan the baddie in Star Trek Into Darkness. We got to see it. We decided Cumberbatch totally took the film to a new level. Obviously.

Then Cumberbatch went and revealed that some of his outfits were “very snug” adding “you can almost see what religion I am…”

We should probably check on the fans again. They may not have got over this yet.

Sticking with Cumberbatch, he confirmed there would be a fourth series of Sherlock while his co-star Martin Freeman revealed series three filming was about to kick off. Then we learnt Martin’s real life partner Amanda Abbington was being cast as his possible future wife on the show. We still didn’t (and still don’t) know how Sherlock survived the fall, but it was enough to keep us going.

Plus, Downton Abbey confirmed wicked ladies’ maid O’Brien was on the way out, while Jessica Brown Findlay explained her reasons for her rather dramatic exit from the show. Well, at least she didn’t die on Christmas Day. Downton wouldn’t… oh, wait. It’s OK there were some pictures of Lady Mary and baby George to cheer us up.

Talking of drama, Olivia Colman admitted she wasn’t supposed to cry quite so much in Broadchurch (we don’t blame her!) and Damian Lewis poured a big bucket of cold water over Carrie and Brody’s Homeland relationship saying series 3 would see them apart. We certainly got that message loud and clear once it kicked off.

Daniel Radcliffe lead tributes to his Harry Potter and Equus co-star Richard Griffiths following the sad news of his death.

In sci-fi news, Doctor Who star Matt Smith admitted he cheered when he read the script for the 50th anniversary – a tease some eight months before it was going on air. Yet John Barrowman confirmed the sad news he wouldn’t appear.

Soapland had a celebration as Tyrone Dobbs was let out of prison. He told us he loved seeing trucks driving around with ‘Free Tyronne’ scrawled on them.

The Rolling Stones revealed they’d headline Glastonbury (albeit with a few provisos) and we celebrated Michael Owen’s career as he retired from the beautiful game.

Hats off, March.