Review of the Year: January 2013

"And just as we thought January couldn't get anymore exciting, a mouse attacked a radio presenter, Susanna Reid was voted the best Breakfast host of all time, and Martin Freeman told us 'I'll punch Benedict Cumberbatch again if I have to'"

The year began with the sad and sombre news that one of sport’s greatest broadcasters, Christopher Martin Jenkins, had passed away. “It is doubtful that anyone has contributed more in a lifetime to the overall coverage of cricket,” his colleague Jonathan Agnew said of the Test Match Special cricket commentary legend.


However, it wasn’t long before the entertainment industry was back to its usual ridiculous pace with reports emerging James Bond’s Skyfall was the second most gaffe ridden film of 2012 (beaten by Men in Black III) and Ultravox’s Vienna is the nation’s favourite number TWO single.   

The New Year started with a high profile “death” on Twitter as the social network saw off Megan Fox (the first of many this year) – and Channel 5 lined up a brand new bunch of has beens for CBB series one hundred and forty seven thousand. Not to be outdone in the low-brow reality stakes, ITV unveiled Pammy Anderson amongst their Dancing on Ice contestants (she wouldn’t last long.)

Despite not being on UK TV, this was the year of Breaking Bad as chatter about the show began to build across the net long before the final series aired on Netflix.  And while drama looked to be on the up… reality TV hit a new low as Tom Daley’s Splash! divided opinions on ITV.  

Kid’s TV fans were excited to see Fun House top our poll of the best children’s show, whilst Harry Potter’s Emma Watson took it a step further and was mistaken as a child at an airport in the US.

Comedy fans rejoiced as they learned Arrested Development would return after seven years away, but Star Wars fans were thwarted in their attempts to force the US government to build a Death Star.

And as ITV1 became plain old ITV again, the Brits cleaned up at the Golden Globes. Rule Britannia!

We learned that you should never mess with the classics as Yes, Prime Minister returned, and you should certainly never ask what’s in your burger – as the horsemeat scandal broke.  

Ricky Gervais gave us Derek, the end of Blockbuster video shops gave us a raft of nostalgia, and Benedict Cumberbatch (yeah, him) gave us a first glimpse of himself as Julian Assange.   

We said goodbye to Death Wish director Michael Winner and found out who’d triumphed at the NTAs.   We speculated that JJ Abrams would be Star Wars VII director (we were right) and we stayed up late to watch Andy Murray lose in the Australian Open final.  

And just as we thought January couldn’t get anymore exciting, a mouse attacked a radio presenter (and it was captured on film), Susanna Reid was voted the best Breakfast host of all time, and Martin Freeman told us “I’ll punch Benedict Cumberbatch again if I have to.” In many ways journalism was the biggest winner.

Oh what a month January 2013 was… we will talk about it always.