Sherlock stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington to appear on The One Show

The real-life couple, who play John Watson and his new love interest Mary Morstan in the BBC1 detective drama, will be on the sofa tonight to chat about the return of Sherlock

Hold on to your deerstalkers Sherlock fans – Martin Freeman, aka Dr John Watson, will be on the sofa for tonight’s edition of The One Show, accompanied by his on- and off-screen partner Amanda Abbington.


Abbington plays John’s fiance Mary Morstan in series three of Sherlock, which kicks off on New Year’s Day two years after the end of the second run of the detective drama.

The first episode, The Empty Hearse, is expected to reveal how Benedict Cumberbatch’s detective faked his own death by leaping from the roof of St Bart’s Hospital, but Freeman and Abbington will no doubt be saying as little as possible about that and could instead discuss the new dynamic Mary brings to the mix and what it’s like acting opposite their real-life partners.

The One Show is tonight at 7pm on BBC1