Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

16-20 December: Callum finally kisses Josie, Georgia and Kyle celebrate their engagement, while Susan is torn between loyalty to Karl and Paul's offer to finance the radio station

Monday 16 December


Having gone public about her bulimia, Imogen worries about attending the school dance, but she is convinced by Josie to go and arrives to a warm welcome. Mason, helping his mother with the catering, also attends and asks Imogen to dance. Josie leaves when she sees Callum and Imogen dancing, but when Callum catches up with her and declares his feelings, they share their first kiss. Susan has to decide whether to accept Paul’s offer to fund the radio station, which would boost his chances of being elected as mayor.

Tuesday 17 December

As Karl locks horns with Susan over Paul’s vote- buying scheme, tensions run high. This prompts Rhiannon to move out with Jackson in the hope of moving into number 24 with Mason. After hooking up with Josie, Callum is reluctant to go on his trip to China. After Sonya bemoans the lack of available childcare, she stumbles upon a platform for Karl’s campaign. Josh and Amber go their separate ways.

Wednesday 18 December

As plans accelerate for Georgia’s wedding to Kyle, Kate struggles to find the right words for a speech she has to give to the happy couple. She eventually admits to Chris the reason for her block – she is in love with Kyle. Paul fights back in the mayoral race after Karl announces his childcare policy. Just as Rhiannon thinks that her life is on the right track, Mason breaks up with her.

Thursday 19 December

Rhiannon leaves town, taking Jackson with her, after accepting a job at Lassiter’s in Darwin. Gem gets Bailey to hack into Kate’s email account, where he finds an unsent message revealing the night she spent with Kyle. Kate tries to approach Kyle to question his true feelings, but she soon backs off, convinced that he loves Georgia.

Friday 20 December


When Georgia tells her to return her scene- stealing bridesmaid’s dress, a hurt Gem slips a print-out of the email Bailey found into the pile of announcements to be read out at the engagement party. Georgia is delighted when Kyle reveals that they are going to rent number 24. Gem asks Susan to find Bailey another teacher, saying that he has been harassing her.