Would Benedict Cumberbatch make a good Joseph?

The Sherlock and Hobbit actor told RadioTimes.com he'd like to do a musical. We took some liberties...

Stop the press. Benedict Cumberbatch has told RadioTimes.com he wants to do a… musical. Bet you didn’t even know he could sing. Well, he can. Look…


And in what is perhaps kismet, yesterday brought us the announcement that Andrew Lloyd Webber is plotting a film of his musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Armed with those two pieces of news, we’ve added two and two together and come up with five. Benedict Cumberbatch would make a terrific Joseph, would he not? Could that be his next career move?

For starters, we spy a certain resemblance between the actor and Lee Mead (who won Lloyd Webber’s BBC series Any Dream Will Do and the lead role in the West End revival of the musical).

The pair share a curly mop, penchant for long, sweeping coats and some razor-sharp cheekbones. And the musical would give Cumbers a chance to show off his vocal range, not to mention a chance for those ardent Cumber-fans out there to glimpse the Cumber-torso.


While we are yet to receive any confirmed filming details, cast or release date for Joseph’s big screen treatment, we reckon Lloyd Webber and co should get on the blower this instant and sign up the Batch for the lead role. It’s meant to be.