Christmas 2013: best TV on today, Friday 27 December

Death Comes to Pemberley, Coronation Street, Doctor Who: the Best of Matt Smith, Open All Hours: a Celebration, Tommy Cooper's Christmas, Vicious

Doctor Who: the Best of Matt Smith – from 7:20am, Watch


Watch gives a whole day’s worth of coverage to the latest departing Doctor Matt Smith, with a selection of his best episodes. From The Eleventh Hour to A Good Man Goes to War the selection ends with the Narnia-aping Christmas special, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. A nice hat’s off to his days as the Doctor.

Open All Hours: a Celebration – 1:25pm, BBC1

David Jason, Lynda Baron and writer Roy Clarke share their memories of being on set the first time around and what it’s like coming back together for the Christmas special without Ronnie Barker. Plus, the hairdressers that becomes the beloved grocery shop in Doncaster gets its moment in the spotlight.

Coronation Street – 7:30pm, ITV

Tonight is set to be an emotional one as Hayley Cropper finds out her scan results. “This has always been first and foremost a love story,” actress Julie Hesmondhalgh tells Radio Times. “Everything else, the right-to-die – is secondary. It’s a love story between two people and what we’re seeing now is the end of it.”

Death Comes to Pemberley – 9:00pm, BBC1

It’s the second part of Death Comes to Pemberley tonight and there’s been a murder in the woods. Suspicion surrounds the rotter that is George Wickham, in this adaptation of PD James’s murder-mystery sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Matthew Rhys and Anna Maxwell Martin star as Mr and now Mrs Darcy respectfully, whose relationship is under strain following the dramatic turn of events. Concludes at the same time tomorrow.

Vicious – 9:00pm, ITV

Gormless neighbour Ash bungles the Christmas dinner in this festive edition of the Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi sitcom. Marcia Warren butts in with the best lines as the forgetful Penelope, who suddenly remembers something very important.

Tommy Cooper’s Christmas, 10:00pm, Channel 5

There’s a festive twist on Tommy Cooper’s trademark style of entertainment in this 1973 special. Guests include Allan Cuthbertson and Annette Potts, with musical interludes featuring Sacha Distel and Clodagh Rodgers. Cooper and his comedy have developed a patina of affectionate cool in the years since his death – David Threlfall will shortly play him in an ITV bio-drama.