Where to find the new BBC HD channels

The BBC has launched five new HD services for BBC3, BBC4, BBC News, CBeebies and CBBC


Today sees the birth of five new BBC channel – well, existing channels but now in glorious high definition.


The new channels are: BBC3 HD, BBC4 HD, BBC News HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD.

They will be available on Freeview HD, Freesat HD, YouView, Sky HD and Virgin Media on the following slots on your Electronic Programme Guide (EPG):


CBeebies HD: 74, CBBC HD: 73, BBC News HD: 107, BBC4 HD: 106, BBC3 HD: 105.


CBeebies HD: 608, CBBC HD: 607, BBC News HD: 212, BBC4 HD: 148, BBC 3 HD: 147.


CBeebies HD: 614/624, CBBC HD: 613/633, BBC News HD: 570, BBC4 HD: 116/211, BBC3 HD: 115/210.

Virgin Media

CBeebies HD: 711, CBBC HD: 710, BBC News HD: 604, BBC4 HD: 164, BBC 3 HD: 163.

Viewers will also be able to catch-up on HD programmes from these channels on BBC iPlayer.

Welcoming the launch, BBC director-general Tony Hall said: “I am delighted that we’re able to launch our new HD channels in time for Christmas, when families gather together to enjoy some of the best TV from the BBC. This year, people will be able to watch even more of our programmes in brilliant quality.”

All five new HD channels will broadcast the same programmes as their standard definition equivalents in HD.

Over 50 per cent of homes in the UK are already HD enabled, with reports estimating that the number of HD homes is expected to grow to reach over 20 million – 80% of all UK homes – by 2016 and more than 23 million homes – or 90% of all UK homes – by 2019.