Sherlock returns in interactive series 3 trailer

Benedict Cumberbatch's detective is well and truly back in an extensive new trailer packed with extra footage, photos and clues

We knew this day was coming, of course, but after having so far been shown clips featuring only a couple of profile shots and the back of Benedict Cumberbatch’s head, it’s nice to see Sherlock well and truly back in action.


A new trailer has the detective – as animated and arrogant as ever – in conversation with his brother Mycroft as he prepares to reveal himself to his best friend two years after faking his own death: “I think I’ll surprise John. Pop in to Baker Street, who knows, jump out of a cake!”

But while there are graveside scenes and numerous other indications that Martin Freeman’s character has been deep in mourning, by the time Sherlock is ready to return it appears John Watson’s world no longer completely revolves around him….

Along with glimpses of John and his new love interest (played by Freeman’s real-life partner Amanda Abbington) there are also hints at Sherlock’s first new case – a terrorist plot targeting the London Underground.

Look out too for numerous interactive elements, including extra footage that shows a bomb being armed and some hints as to how Sherlock might have survived The Fall.

Watch the trailer below and click on the on-screen words to access the interactive content.

Sherlock returns to BBC1 at 9pm on New Year’s Day