Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who costume is ‘a bit old fashioned but also looks to the future’

A BBC insider has laid eyes on the new Doctor's costume, and Capaldi himself is understood to have taken a keen interest in his character's wardrobe

As Matt Smith bids farewell to Doctor Who on Christmas Day, regenerating into Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor’s wardrobe choices may not be the main thing on your mind.


Many of you will be swept up with the emotion of the moment as you were when David Tennant uttered his last words, a tear-choked “I don’t want to go”, before Matt’s Smith’s high octane plunge into the role.

But once Smith is gone and Capaldi is in place, thoughts will indeed turn to what sort of Doctor he is going to be – and exactly what he will be wearing.

Details of the costume are being kept firmly under wraps, even though filming has started on series eight, but can at least bring you a flavour of the look Capaldi will be sporting.

A BBC source tells me that the decision over the costume was ultimately made by a combination of Capaldi himself, executive producer Brian Minchin, showrunner Steven Moffat and senior members of the art team and had to be approved by senior BBC executives.

Capaldi’s costume mixes old and new – is a “bit old fashioned to denote the fact that he is the oldest Doctor” but is also “looking to the future as well” says the well-placed sourced.

Interesting if slightly enigmatic words but all the source would currently divulge.

Earlier this year, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat said of Capaldi, “he likes his clothes….he’s got very strong opinions about clothes, he’s very dashing”. 

My guess is that there will be something quite gentlemanly and distinguished about his attire – maybe a frock coat perhaps, or something C19th a la his favourite Doctor William Hartnell. I suspect he won’t have the eye-watering coat of a Colin Baker or the Christmas jumper look of Sylvester McCoy, with all those question marks.

But what of that modern twist? Exactly what that will be remains to be seen.

While we wait to find out, how do you think Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will dress? And how, if you were the person in charge, would you want him to look? Answers in the comments box below please.