Lucy Watson breaks Jamie Laing’s heart on African-themed Made in Chelsea

Spencer Matthews was unsuccessful in his attempts to woo his ex-girlfriend, but it was Jamie who ended up in tears after telling Lucy he loved her


“I’m literally like a puppy following some chick. People underestimate it. I really like her.” And so began tonight’s episode of Made in Chelsea, with Jamie Laing all but declaring his undying love for Lucy Watson (that came later). 


But while he’s dosed up on love, it appears that Jamie is lacking in common sense, inviting Lucy’s ex-boyfriend, Spencer Matthews, on a group trip to Africa – a holiday that was designed to win over his crush. What poor Jamie underestimated was the ruthless flirting his best pal was determined to embark upon. “I’m not really thinking about him when it comes to Lucy,” he told Phoebe – although boy, was it hard to take him seriously with the ridiculous sunglasses he was sporting. “Spencer Attenborough” had well and truly arrived… 

But what Spenny underestimated was his best pal’s attachment to Miss Watson. Jamie was on a one-man mission to win her over, persistently flirting and even kissing as she slept on the plane. Brave man. 

It wasn’t long before the competition heated up, with Jamie looking visibly upset when he caught Lucy and Spencer talking. “If I talk to Spencer, I feel like you get the wrong idea,” lamented Lucy. Poor Lucy. No one seems to have factored in her opinion throughout this whole scenario – we’d be mildly terrified with both Spenny and Jamie on our tail. “It’s like Lucy is a prize,” commented Phoebe – who appeared to have finally bonded with her former foe after months of acidic exchanges. 

But while we reckon Spenny’s alpha male instincts fuelled just about all his self-professed “feelings” for Lucy, it turned out Jamie had really fallen for her. “I think you’re underestimating how much I actually like her,” he exclaimed… again. We get it, Jamie. 

Although for once, things just did not go his way. His crestfallen face and sulky departure as Spencer gleefully broke the news that Lucy had picked him over Jamie just about broke our heart and if that wasn’t bad enough, his nighttime visit to Lucy’s bedroom practically had us reaching for the tissues. 

“I have your ex-boyfriend looming over you wherever you go,” he informed a sleepy and unimpressed Lucy. “God, this is death. I have a big problem right now. I’m in love with you.” Was Made in Chelsea morphing into the saccharine conclusion to a romantic comedy? Errr, no. Not quite. 

“I don’t think you are,” countered Lucy. “In the early stages I really liked you and then there have been hiccups along the way and every small thing has set me back and back. I don’t have those kind of feelings anymore.” As Binky so aptly put it, “He’s kind of brought it upon himself.” 

Emotional stuff, especially for Jamie and Lucy who both turned on the waterworks during the conclusion to the sad episode. “How can I be friends with someone who doesn’t love me?” bemoaned Jamie before leaving the room with his hand over his face. And things look set to get even more complicated between the pair as next week’s trail shows Lucy sending a drunk text to Jamie telling him she loves him (as a friend). Are we the only ones who want to read more into that…?