Downton Abbey: Did Bates kill Green?

Might the Christmas special see Bates going back behind bars?


As the Downton Abbey Christmas special edges closer and closer, there’s one question on all of our lips: Did Bates kill Green?


The end of series four left the fate of Green, Gillingham’s valet and Anna’s attacker, clear. But the matter of who killed him, or if his death was indeed an accident, was left unresolved. 

If the new trailer is anything to go by, Bates is under suspicion. Now, Bate’s is a clever man – he knew it was Green who attacked his wife. And he was suspiciously away from the Abbey on the day Green met his maker…

But is he the reason Green is no more? Might the Christmas special see the Bates going back behind bars, this time for good?

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Downton Abbey returns on Christmas Day at 8:30pm on ITV.