Doctor Who Christmas special pictures: Daleks, turkeys and wooden Cybermen

Orla Brady's Tasha Lem also makes an appearance in preview pictures of the Doctor Who festive episode

As the Doctor Who Christmas special edges ever closer, we’ve been treated to a few more images from the episode. 


So what have we got?

Well, wooden Cybermen, shiny Cybermen and Daleks. The Doctor appears to be waving a Dalek eye stalk above his head in one image, which is unlikely to go down well with the rest of them…

There’s also a first look at Tasha Lem (played by Orla Brady) who rumour has it is someone from the Doctor’s past. And a big firey explosion. 

Meanwhile, Clara seems unfazed by all the drama and has bought a turkey and a Christmas hat along for the trip. With all this going on, we’re not sure you’re going to get time to sit down and eat that, Clara… 

What do you think will happen in the Christmas special? Let us know in the comment box below…

Doctor Who Christmas special is on Christmas Day at 7:30pm on BBC1.