Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

9-13 December: Gem continues to foster Bailey's infatuation, Terese hires Amber to be Lassiters' photographer, while Georgia proposes to Kyle

Monday 9 December


Kyle begins to doubt whether Georgia is ready for commitment and seeks a second opinion from Gem. With fewer customers thanks to the paid parking, Lauren takes out her stress on Brad. Sheila tries to help and comes up with the idea of meter maids, but when she hires Amber, Josh is horrified. Gem encourages Bailey to apply for the position on the trip to China left vacant by Josie. 

Tuesday 10 December

Terese engages Amber as a replacement wedding photographer when she is let down at short notice. On a high after Kyle accepts her proposal, Georgia asks Kate and Gem to be her bridesmaids, but neither is happy about it. Gem has a fall in the kitchen, but Toadie suspects that the news of the engagement may have more to do with Gem’s bad temper than her injured hip. 

Wednesday 11 December

Up against Paul’s election pledge to end the paid parking, Karl searches for a suitable platform for himself. However, Paul ruins his advantage by telling the newlyweds who took their photographs, antagonising Terese to the point where she finds a way to hit him where it hurts and stop the paid parking for good. After antagonising Amber, Joshua is stunned to hear that she wants a temporary split. 

Thursday 12 December

Imogen lodges an official complaint against Gem. Bailey defends Gem, unconsciously revealing his crush. Later, Imogen witnesses a shocking encounter between the boy and his teacher at Lassiters lake. As Kyle and Georgia prepare for their wedding, Sheila is disappointed that they are not throwing an engagement party and Kate has trouble stifling her feelings for Kyle. Toadie learns that Gem’s mother is worried about her. 

Friday 13 December


Imogen tells Susan what she saw at the lake, but both Gem and Bailey deny her story. Later Gem retaliates by threatening to expose Imogen’s bulimia to the whole school. Callum is miserable because Josie has not been in touch and attempts to contact her via Dragon Prophecies. Josh is still in Amber’s bad books following their fight over her stint as a meter maid, but a talk with Brad helps him get things into perspective and he sets out to win her back.