Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

9-13 December: Indi reaches breaking point, Brax gets a long sentence and Josh is shot

Monday 9 December


When Indi pushes Chris away as she struggles to come to terms with Romeo’s death, Robyn is there to empathise with him, saying that she knows all about rejection. Spencer believes he has found a new way to deal with his disorder when he reads about the Sanctuary online, not knowing that it is Murray’s cult. Tamara realises that she is falling for Casey. 

Tuesday 10 December

While grieving for Romeo himself, Dex tries to keep an eye out for Indi, but he is unable to take the pace at the gym. Robyn is repaid by Indi for her insensitivity with a slap. Brax’s day in court arrives and the prosecution case is strong. Kyle has to face up to Casey and Tamara becoming a couple. Andy has his own punishment in mind for Brax, bringing a loaded gun to court. Indi’s grief overwhelms her and she seeks comfort in Chris’s arms. 

Wednesday 11 December

The Braxton clan are devastated by the length of Brax’s custodial sentence. Andy tells Josh that Brax killed their dad and outlines his plans for revenge. Marilyn comes to the rescue when John chokes at the diner. Roo is relieved when Maddy shows up and makes her peace with Alf. As Brax is led from the court, Andy discovers that the gun is missing. Instead, his mother takes aim at her husband’s killer, but someone steps in the way… 

Thursday 12 December

During her interview at the hospital, Hannah is asked to jump straight into action and prepare a gunshot patient for surgery. Heath tells Andy that their fathers are responsible for their feud. Devastated by what happened outside the courtroom, Andy waits anxiously at the hospital, expecting any moment for the police to arrest him for taking the gun to court. Oscar struggles to settle in to life in the Bay without Evelyn. 

Friday 13 December


When Spencer visits the Sanctuary, Evelyn tries to get him to deliver a letter to Oscar. Indi acts distracted as Romeo’s ashes arrive. She then leads the mourners to the lighthouse to bid him a final farewell. A letter Romeo wrote before his death to Indi inspires April to make a big decision.