Doctor Who Christmas special pictures: Matt Smith makes a phone call but his time is running out

The Doctor gets to grips with a Cyberman as something else gets to grips with Clara...

Time continues to tick away for the Doctor, and Clara could be in danger too, in one of a series of new promo images for the Doctor Who Christmas special.


As the universe’s deadliest monsters mass against the Time Lord, the symbolic workings of a clock mechanism can be seen surrounding him. Meanwhile, ghoulish hands reach out of the snow to clutch at his companion (and the suggestion that Matt Smith has borrowed Jenna Coleman’s lipstick is no doubt just a trick of the light).

In three other images – stills from the episode itself – the pair are seen in a snowy street at Christmas time. And back in the Tardis, the Doctor is clutching a severed Cyberman head while apparently engaged in a phone conversation. But who is he talking to?

Only time will tell…